משאבת מים 690w הרמה 9m כבל חשמל 10 מטר

The Einhell GE-DP 6935 A ECO dirty water pump with Aquasensor features Eco Power and a 690 W power rating to achieve a delivery rate of 17,500 liters per hour and a maximum delivery height of nine meters. The maximum immersion depth is seven meters. The pump is designed for foreign particles with diameters up to 35 millimeters. As a result the dirty water pump is suitable for powerfully pumping off water from ponds, building pits and basements, or for putting rainwater to use. Thanks to Aqua Sensor technology the pump can operate with patented sensor adjustment at three automatic starting heights or can be used for continuous operation. The pump is of slimline design thanks to the use of the aqua sensor and can therefore be used in tight shafts as well. A high-quality mechanical seal contributes to a long service life. The pump housing is made of impact-resistant plastic. The hose connection is easily accessible on the top of the pump. Features include the ergonomic carry-handle, a ten meter power cable and the cable rewind and an integrated suspension eyelet.

דגם: GE-DP 6935 A ECO

תכונות ומאפיינים:

קטגוריה:טבולות למים

הפעלה:230v, חד פזי

קוטר יציאת נוזלים:"½1


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